Find Your Way Through the Night

For those who must spend time outdoors at night, there are a number of light options available. A hand-held flashlight is certainly one possibility among the myriad of lighting choices available. While the flashlight is certainly a viable option, there are other, more convenient, products to illuminate one's surroundings in the dark.

For convenience, it is hard to beat the headlamp. Fashioned upon a strap that fits around the head, the headlamp illuminates the area directly in front of the wearer for hands-free lighting. One needs only to look in the direction the light is needed and the headlamp lights it up in an instant. Especially for campers or hunters who often need to have their hands free for other activities, the headlamp is most convenient.

For the greatest illumination in darkness, the superior performance of night vision goggles or night vision binoculars takes one to the brink of cutting edge technology. Used by professional officers, such as police and SWAT teams, as well as our military forces, night vision goggles afford one the ability to virtually "see" in the dark. Though not designed for the novice, night vision goggles are the ultimate in high-tech visual equipment.